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Hello and welcome to my MetallicA cd collection!

Here you will find mainly, but not only, various versions of all 11 MetallicA albums. Also there is, or will be, a promo cd section and other bits and pieces.

I started collecting Met cds about 9 years ago. Before that I had each of the Oz editions but decided to get as many of each as possible!. :) Have a look around, if you find any mistakes please tell me, if you have a cd I dont have and no longer want it let me know, i am sure we can come to some "arrangment".. :) If you have a question or a gripe let me know from the contact page.. I will answer you............. eventually. Ok! Just click on the pic over there...On the right >>>>>>


Email me if you have a cd I dont have!!


all scans and images are of my own personal collection and are (c) smatela 2008/09/10/11/12/13/14/15 and beyond!